Church Hill Motors | The Alternative to Dealership Garages in Morden

Make the short trip from Morden to Sutton and leave your car in the capable hands of Church Hill Motors. We welcome customers from all locations in South West London and Surrey. After 60+ years, we’re still one of the area’s most popular independent garages. Our company is a car servicing specialist, but we can undertake mechanical car repairs and perform Class IV MOTs too, all from under a single roof.

We also fit replacement brakes, clutches and tyres.

Factor in that we also welcome crash repairs, and it’s safe to say that Church Hill Motors does it all. We think this explains why so many motorists in Morden use us as an alternative to dealerships and other independent garages in their own area.

If you’ve had enough of the expensive rates main dealerships charge for car servicing and car repairs, call in to see us today. We perform interim and full car servicing to manufacturer specifications, and you’ll never notice a difference in our workmanship or our service delivery – until we present the final bill!

Church Hill Motors cares for every part of your vehicle, from the bodywork to the tyres, with car repairs and crash repairs that also beat most independent garages in the Morden area on price. Even our Class IV MOTs come in below the recommended DVSA rate.

Car Servicing and Car Repairs

We like to think of car servicing as a preventative maintenance service that preserves your engine parts to increase their lifespan, and one that keeps your vehicle running to optimal economy and performance levels. This makes car repairs more of a reactive service, and one that our customers need when those important parts and components fail.

Book in for car servicing and car repairs with confidence by joining the many motorists from Morden who already use Church Hill Motors as their first-choice service provider.

Class IV MOTs

Church Hill Motors performs Class IV MOTs which is the trade’s most common test category. Most garages only cover a single class, but we can inspect passenger cars, light commercials, public service vehicles (such as ambulances and taxis) and motorcycles. Private motorists, fleet operators and the trade all benefit from our approved inspection services.

Become a regular customer from Morden and we’ll send out convenient reminders letting you know when to book MOTs for all of your family, fleet or company vehicles.

Premium and Quality Tyres

Save money against prices charged by fast-fit centres and have new tyres fitted at our Sutton workshop. Customers can use us for premium branded tyres from household names such as Dunlop, Michelin and Pirelli without having to pay premium rates. We also supply quality branded tyres for motorists on a budget which meet strict road safety standards.

We never bump up costs by charging for weighting, balancing and fitting. When Church Hill Motors supplies tyres to customers in Morden, the price we quote is the price you pay.

The Complete Automotive Service

Most garages focus on car servicing and car repairs, but Church Hill Motors supports these key automotive services by undertaking crash repairs. This includes insurance work. We are non-fault accident management specialists, and we work closely with all major UK service providers to complete repairs sooner than most car body shops in our local area.

Our workshop uses the latest equipment and refinishing systems to deliver perfect repairs, perfect paintwork and perfect colour matches on its accident and car body repair work.

Because we also perform MOTs over multiple classes and fit new brakes, clutches and tyres, it should come as no surprise to see so many motorists from the Morden area making the short trip to Sutton for what we believe to be the complete automotive service range.

For car repairs, annual car servicing and MOTs in the Class IV category, call Church Hill Motors on 0208 644 6812. We welcome motorists from the nearby Morden area.