Car Repairs and Car Servicing in Banstead | Issues with Vibration

At Church Hill Motors, we’re proud of our status as one of the most customer-focused garages to cover the nearby Banstead area. This has as much to do with the quality of our car repairs and car servicing work as it has to do with our hands-on, personal approach. This page explains, in simple terms, what our services entail. It also talks about how garages like our own, located in Sutton, go about their work.

Church Hill Motors also performs Class IV MOTs for its Banstead customers.

We’re always on hand to talk you through our services, and to explain how car repairs, scheduled maintenance and MOTs should be important to you as a driver. Naturally, there are many different aspects to car servicing and repair work. If you experience unexpected vibrations, the information below should be of particular interest.

Poor Driving Characteristics Vibrations, especially at high speed, usually occur because of misaligned tyres. Vibrations start at speeds of 50mph and upwards but often vary depending on which type of car you drive. Garages check tyres during car servicing and as criteria for Class IV MOTs, but sometimes have to realign them at other times of the year so they run at their correct angle and camber.

These car repairs, which most garages can undertake inside an hour, provide a safer, more comfortable driving experience for motorists in the Banstead area.

If a car vibrates when applying the brakes, this points to worn pads or shoes. Annual car servicing highlights brake and pad wear, as do rolling road tests during MOTs. Church Hill Motors can replace brake pads, shoes, discs and callipers using compliant OEM parts that contribute to long-term road safety. Other components can also wear over time to cause vibrations, such as strut bearings, ball joints, tie rod ends and shock absorbers.

The replacement of these parts is a fundamental aspect of modern mechanical car repairs, and a service that we provide to customers in Banstead, South West London and all locations in Surrey as one of the region’s longest-serving garages.

Class IV MOTs | Safety and Roadworthiness StandardsClass IV MOTs often identify potential problems that result in vibrations. Should we uncover any issues that need us to perform car repairs ahead of issuing a pass certificate, we let you know in advance and always gain your approval before going ahead with the required work. The MOT test can highlight parts that are no longer roadworthy, and we can replace them before putting the car through a free retest.

If you have a vehicle that’s vibrating and you’re almost due to book in for car servicing or one of our annual MOTs, now is as good as time as any to let Church Hill Motors take care of the problem. We operate as one of the friendliest, most flexible garages to cover Banstead, and our Abbotts Road premises open 6 days a week to perform car repairs at a fair, affordable price.

For car repairs, annual car servicing and MOTs in the Class IV category, call Church Hill Motors on 0208 644 6812. We welcome motorists from the nearby Banstead area.