Two cars crashed

Church Hill Motors is a professional accident repair centre established more than 50 years ago. Our experience in crash repairs has ensured that we offer our customers the best service at competitive prices.

All of our customers receive professional repair work on their vehicles as well as receiving excellent levels of customer service. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our personalised friendly service.

Our crash repairs centre uses state of the art technology for bodywork repairs. Our mechanics are able to fix all makes and models of cars.

Some of the crash repairs that our mechanics can fix include:

  • Quality car body repairs for all makes of car
  • Specialist chassis measurement and alignment
  • We can match the paintwork on your vehicle
  • We offer our crash repairs for private and commercial vehicles
  • We offer a collection and delivery service for all crash repairs
  • Personalised customer service and advice to help minimise any inconvenience after an accident
  • We can assist you on any insurance claim after a car crash

We ensure that all of your car body repairs are of the highest quality, carried out by our experienced and skilled mechanics. We provide crash, paint and bodywork for your vehicle after an accident. Our crash repairs also include dent removal, wheel realignment and windscreen and glass repairs. At our accident repair centre we can assist you with all car body repairs, crash, dent and paint repairs. Contact us to see how we can offer you efficient, high quality and affordable repairs.