Class IV MOTs in Carshalton | The Testing Procedure Explained

Church Hill Motors caters to the needs of local motorists in nearby Carshalton and the surrounding South West London and Surrey areas. Based in Sutton, we service, repair and inspect across a wide range of makes and models. From full and interim car servicing to mechanical car repairs and Class IV MOTs, we deliver affordable services and still trade as one of the longest-serving garages in our region.

This page explains why MOTs are so important to our Carshalton customers, and how they tie in with our car servicing and repair work.

Our testing centre is one of many authorised garages approved by the DVSA. All inspectors at Church Hill Motors receive ongoing training to keep them updated on individual aspects of the test, which change regularly. Class IV MOTs, and inspections in all other categories, check for safety, roadworthiness and emission standards. The results of the test often highlight issues with a customer’s vehicle.

Under such circumstances, we can perform essential car repairs – often on the same day – and put your vehicle through a free retest.

All vehicles aged 3 years and older must undergo the annual inspection. Class IV MOTs take around 45 minutes to complete and, if a vehicle passes the test, approved garages issue a valid one-year certificate to the owner. Church Hill Motors can combine the MOT inspection with interim or scheduled car servicing to provide a discounted price for motorists in the Carshalton area.

Our local customers place a high value on car servicing and car repairs. We do too, because nothing is more important to us than your safety and wellbeing. Even so, we think it’s only fair to offer the most affordable prices to anybody who uses Church Hill Motors on a regular basis.

MOT Failures | Car Repairs and Free Retesting When cars fail Class IV MOTs, we give our Carshalton customers the clearest understanding of what has happened and recommend the car repairs needed to ensure the best possible chance of success in the subsequent retest. You have 14 days to retest your vehicle, which gives Church Hill Motors more than enough time to perform the required work. Garages rarely uncover anything new during the retest and a secondary inspection should help you earn the all-important pass certificate.

Vehicle owners from the nearby Carshalton area can have MOTs undertaken up to 28 days before the current pass certificate expires. Tie in a test with interim or scheduled car servicing and you’ll only need to make one visit to our Sutton workshop.

Our honest approach sets us apart from other garages in South West London and Surrey, and you can use us for other services with confidence, including car servicing and car repairs, knowing we’ll always treat you with fairness, dignity and respect.

The following criteria are all elements of Class IV MOTs:

For car repairs, annual car servicing and MOTs in the Class IV category, call Church Hill Motors on 0208 644 6812. We welcome motorists from the nearby Carshalton area.