machanic repairman at automobile car engine repair

Church Hill Motors offers a full range of engine repairs. We offer our customers car engine repairs and reconditioning depending on the specific problem. Our mechanics use the most up to date diagnostic equipment to diagnose and repair any engine problems that you are experiencing. We offer our engine repairs for all makes and models of vehicles including diesel cars.

We offer a range of mechanical repairs including gearboxes, clutch repairs, brakes, steering and suspension adjustments, exhaust repairs and replacements. For more challenging work we use the diagnostic equipment to assist in pinpointing a problem with the engine.

Diagnostics work is carried out by connecting the engine management system of the vehicle to our equipment. A code directs our mechanics to the specific fault, so that the fault with the engine can be repaired. The diagnostic equipment checks for faults and highlights the problems that need to be fixed. Most engine faults can be identified using the diagnostic tools.

If your vehicle’s engine is making unusual sounds or there are performance issues then it is important to get the engine checked. Our team of mechanics will ensure that the fault is pinpointed and fixed quickly and efficiently. If any new parts are needed for your engine, replacements will be supplied and fitted by our mechanics. 

The benefits of diagnostics include:

  • Diagnostics save you money. Rather than having to do a full expensive car examination we are able to quickly identify the problem and make the necessary engine repairs.
  • If a  warning light is displayed on your dashboard, the diagnostic equipment can identify the problem. This means that we can effectively make the necessary repairs to the engine.
  • Use of diagnostics tools saves time to both you and our mechanics. Diagnostic checking enables us to identify and fix any problems with your engine quickly and efficiently.

We offer a professional and friendly customer service for all our engine repairs. Whatever engine repairs or reconditioning your car requires we will be able to assist you. Where possible we provide a local collection and delivery service to ensure that your engine repairs are not an inconvenience. We offer discounted prices to OAP’s for engine repairs and offer competitive prices for all engine repair work to all of our customers. Contact us to see how our team of mechanics can assist you with our efficient and effective engine repairs service.